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Call (214)317-1862 for an estimate on needed work OR consider an affordable consultation and diagnosis .

Consultation and Diagnosis:
Separate from a bid.
Offering an extensive discussion about the health and vigor of your trees, ornamentals and shrubs. Pacing provides the opportunity for taking copious notes.
Evaluations are fully explained, questions fully answered and a written estimate is provided for any suggested treatments. Tree Care Glossary


 Crown Cleaning
The removal of dead, moribund, diseased, low vigor, weakly attached branches and waterspouts from a tree’s crown
Crown Thinning
The selective removal of branches to increase light penetration and air flow through the crown
Crown Raising
Removes low growing branches of a tree to provide clearance for pedestrians, vehicles, buildings and vistas.  When pruning for view, it is preferable to develop spaces between branches, or “windows” through the foliage of the tree, rather than to severely raise or reduce the crown
Structual Prune
The mitigation or elimination of conflict between limbs and branches that are too closely spaced, crossing or rubbing.
Crown Reduction
Utilizes thinning cuts to reduce tree height and/or spread by pruning back leaders to lateral branches.  Properly performed crown reduction can maintain the structural integrity and natural form of the tree, delaying the need to re-prune.



Root Invigoration / Fertilization
Nutrients are injected into the soil at the feeder root zone to increase the health and vigor of your trees. This promotes the health, growth, longevity, color potential and overall beauty of your trees.
Root collar/ Root flare exposure
Is the removal of any and all aggregate material from the lower trunk of a tree i.e. soil, mulch, compost, gravel, synthetic mulch etc.  The root collar flare (or basal flare)  of a tree must be fully exposed and visible. This portion of a tree needs to have access to fresh air and oxygen in order to remain healthy.
(wound surgery, root collar surgery)
Cabling and bracing
Provides structural support to trees that are weak in some area i.e. a weak crotch that appears to be likely to split open.

Selection, Delivery, Installation of Trees, Ornamentals and Shrubs